Have We Reached Peak Super Bowl Sex Worker Hysteria

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Activists continue to exploit super bowl sex trafficking myth to raise awareness and money. Just last year the new york times ran an article myth-busting the super bowls imaginary connection with sex trafficking. We know from the past, any sports venue especially the super bowl acts as a sex trafficking magnet.

Super bowl sex trafficking

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The super bowl sex

Super badbusting the myth of super bowl sex trafficking. What lies beyond the public eye is the darker side of super bowl weekend.

Super bowl sex trafficking myths have consequences for sex workers

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But i wondered why sex workers werent raking in the cash. But then again, this is a porn site and peaks are being reached as we speak. The super bowl and sex trafficking.

The myth of super bowl sex trafficking obscures real issues

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The super bowl anti-sex trafficking committee began its work about a year and a half ago.

Sex trafficking

Yet sex workers say that neither seemed to be occurring at higher levels than usual in atlanta.

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